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ozone therapy and its benefits

What Is Ozone Therapy, And What Are Its Benefits & Risks?

It is normal for a person to receive an injury or suffer from an illness in their daily life. With time, your body’s natural healing abilities help recover your wounds and ailments. However, this natural healing ability can sometimes become inefficient, due to which you struggle in your daily life. Ozone therapy boosts your body’s natural healing abilities, making you healthier and stronger naturally. Furthermore, this therapy has even shown remarkable results in treating chronic diseases.

So, this leads us to the question, what is ozone therapy, and what are its benefits? Ozone therapy is known for not one but multiple health benefits that help your overall well-being. This treatment has especially got praise in the beauty department, where it helps rejuvenate the skin. Therefore, in this post, we’ll see how ozone therapy can help you and if it is a safe option.


What Is Ozone Therapy And How Does It Work?

Let’s start with understanding what exactly ozone therapy is. In simple terms, ozone therapy is when ozone gas is administered to a person’s body to treat a wound or disease. Ozone gas is present in our surroundings, is colorless, and comprises three oxygen atoms (O3).   


As per a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report in 2019, it was reported that ozone has yet to prove its medical applications, and people must avoid using it as a treatment. However, some researchers concluded that ozone might have some effectiveness in treating medical conditions if we stimulate the immune system using it.


The working of ozone is as old as 100 years. It has been used as a disinfectant for medical supplies and to treat various medical conditions. Furthermore, some data state that it may help prevent wound infections. 

As per the research data of a 2018 study, it was noticed that ozone contact with the body fluid resulted in reactions that led to the formation of more red blood cells and proteins. Such a reaction can increase your body’s oxygen supply.


You can also use ozone therapy to restrict your body’s unhealthy processes. So, according to research, this therapy can inactivate:

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • protozoa
  • yeast
  • fungi

After learning about ozone therapy and how it works, let’s see how it is administered in your body.


How Is Ozone Administered Inside Your Body?

There are multiple ways to perform ozone therapy. However, you should be wary of not inhaling this gas. Inhaling ozone gas can lead to fluid buildup in the lungs and intense irritation. At Apprize Medical we provide Ozone therapy by mixing it with the blood.  


Mixing it with the blood: In this method, a sample of your blood is taken in which ozone gas is dissolved. After that, this blood is injected into your body again through 


 Now, it’s time to see if this therapy has any benefits to offer or not.          


What Are The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy?

A common question among people considering ozone therapy is, does this treatment have any benefits? The research on this therapy is still in progress, and not much evidence is available to confirm its benefits. However, if we consider the results of a 2011 review, it was reported that ozone therapy might have the following benefits:


  • enhancing immune system
  • treating arthritis
  • fighting viral diseases like SARs and HIV
  • treating cancer
  • disinfecting wounds
  • Treating macular degeneration, heart disease, etc.

Now, let’s understand all the potential benefits of ozone therapy in detail.


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Can Boost the Immune System

One of the first known benefits of ozone therapy is that it can enhance your immune system to fight ailments and infections. Ozone can manage multiple inflammatory conditions like Crohn’s disease, arthritis, and asthma. As a potent antioxidant, ozone can lower oxidative stress, decreasing inflammation.


So, ozone therapy can significantly improve multiple immune-related disorders and chronic inflammatory diseases.


Can Treat and Prevent Bacterial and Viral Infections

Ozone is said to have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal abilities. It can deal with a few acute bacterial infections like Lyme disease and have a fast working rate. Furthermore, it may also assist in preventing viral infections such as flu.


May Lower the Risk of Repeat Heart Attacks

The risk of repeat heart attacks is real, and one must take it seriously. Evidence suggests that ozone therapy can lower the risk of repeat heart attacks, prevent dead tissue development, and manage irregular heart rates. 


Furthermore, you should be fast with the ozone therapy as the results will be much more significant. With haste, while also timely receiving ozone therapy can significantly lower the risk of repeat heart attacks.         


Can Increase Joint Mobility

Many studies have mentioned that ozone responds well to patients with musculoskeletal inflammatory disorders. These include bursitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Can Detoxify the Body

Although you manage the amount, you cannot totally prevent toxins. Having such harmful substances can have adverse effects on your body. However, you can fight them in many ways, including eating a healthy diet and taking regular ozone therapies. As ozone boosts your metabolism, you can expect significant changes in your overall health.


Can Rejuvenate the Skin

Oxygen is an essential part of the skin to remain healthy. Ozone therapy can enhance oxygenation, which results in the rejuvenation of skin cells. Also, since ozone is an antioxidant with germicidal properties, it can stimulate elastin and collagen by restoring nerve circulation. This, as a result, helps with the regeneration of healthy cells of the skin.


What Are The Side Effects And Risks Of Ozone Therapy?

What type of side affects you experience from ozone therapy can vary depending on which treatment method you choose. A person can generally suffer from burning eyes, lightheadedness, coughing, mild headache, or nausea. However, you don’t have to worry about these ozone therapy side effects since they are temporary and can be treated immediately. 


Besides that, you should avoid inhaling ozone as it can lead to various problems and, in severe cases, can cause respiratory issues. Sometimes a person can even experience a Herxheimer reaction. Because of this reaction, an individual can experience temporary flu-like symptoms, resulting in a worse feeling. 



Ozone therapy is controversial, and the FDA has yet to approve its effectiveness for people. Still, many studies and evidence mention that this treatment can be beneficial in numerous ways. So, if you’re considering getting an ozone treatment, consult with our medical professional to see if Ozone Therapy is right for you.


At Apprize Beauty, we help you find a suitable ozone treatment method. We have a team of professionals who will evaluate your condition and, according to that, will determine the right therapy and dose for you. Our doctors will ensure the treatment is suitable for you and make changes if needed.   


If you would like to reserve aconsultation with our doctors, call (305) 851-2132 or email us at You can also use the website to book a consultation.


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