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PRP Hair Restoration: Effectiveness, Procedure, and Who Needs It

Is hair recovery possible with PRP hair restoration? If you are searching for this, you are at the right place. One of the unique points of PRP therapy is that it focuses more on natural healing. Now, what does this mean exactly? This therapy involves using your body’s own natural ability to heal. When we say heal, in terms of hair restoration, this therapy can help activate your hair follicles naturally without surgery.

Now, hearing that PRP is some sort of “natural” therapy, your interest in its effectiveness may have been piqued. Well, we are here just to explain that. This post has everything from PRP effectiveness to its procedure and the best place to get it. So, by going through it, you can decide whether PRP therapy is the best course of action for your hair restoration.

What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP hair restoration is a treatment process that involves three steps: blood drawing, processing, and injecting into the scalp. So, if we have to explain it, firstly, the healthcare provider will draw your blood to perform this therapy. After that, the doctor will put it into a centrifuge to process it. Lastly, your doctor will inject it into your scalp, possibly activating your hair follicles.

Now, what will be the result after going through this procedure? Well, some believe that PRP injection activates the blood supply to your hair follicles, giving natural hair growth. Furthermore, this therapy can help maintain and increase your hair shaft thickness. Your healthcare provider may use other hair loss medications or procedures to obtain the best results from this hair restoration therapy.

What Is The Process Of PRP For Hair Restoration?

So, after knowing what PRP therapy is, the next thing to look for is the treatment process. As mentioned, PRP hair restoration is a three steps process. In addition, you need to go through three therapies with a four to six weeks gap for the results.

Meanwhile, to maintain the results of this hair restoration treatment, you need to take it every four to six months. So, here are the steps of how Apprize Beauty provides PRP to activate your hair follicles.

Step 1: Blood Drawing

Now, at the start of the procedure, our professional will draw your blood, usually from the arm. Then, they will place the blood into a centrifuge. For those unaware, it is a machine that spins in rapid motion, helping separate different density fluids.

Step 2: Separating the Fluids

Your blood will stay in the centrifuge for at least ten minutes. Once the time is over, it will get divided into three layers as follows:

  • Red blood cells
  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Platelet-poor plasma

Step 3: Injecting the Syringe

Our healthcare provider will draw the platelet-rich plasma into a syringe for the last step. Then, the professional will inject it into the scalp area that needs more hair growth.

However, coming to the main question, is PRP therapy effective? Let’s answer that.

Is PRP Really Effective for Hair Recovery?

Now, it is impossible to answer whether PRP therapy works for hair restoration. All the studies till now haven’t given any strong evidence which can confirm this treatment’s effectiveness. Furthermore, how well it will do for you will also depend on your hair condition or medical conditions you may have.

If we take an example, individuals with thyroid imbalances and chronic diseases will not see any significant results. And even if they do, hair fall will still happen, which cannot be prevented. 

In addition, if you are completely bald and it appears impossible to activate your hair follicles, in that case, this therapy will not show any effectiveness. More studies and evidence are required to confirm PRP’s effectiveness.

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Follow These Dos and Don’ts For Pre- and Post-PRP Hair Restoration

If you plan to get PRP therapy, ensure you are aware of this treatment before and after procedure requirements. Following the proper steps can help you achieve the best results while minimizing the side effects.  

Dos and don’ts before PRP therapy:

Dos Don’ts
  • Shampooing and conditioning your hair is recommended before going through the therapy. It helps clean diet particles and greases off your hair. 
  • Stop using any hairspray, gel, or hair products at least three days before the treatment. This can lower the therapy’s effectiveness and may increase side effects.
  • On the day of treatment, make sure to have a healthy breakfast. Furthermore, drink around 16 ounces of water before proceeding with the therapy. Doing this can help lower side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and fainting because of blood draw?
  • Avoid drinking or smoking for a few days before the treatment. Because if you don’t, you may not qualify for the treatment due to having a low platelet count.

Dos and don’ts after PRP therapy:

Dos Don’ts
  • After the treatment, you can resume your day-to-day activities. This treatment doesn’t cause you fatigue or drowsiness, so you are ok to do regular daily stuff.
  • Avoid getting a perm or your hair colored for at least 72 hours after the treatment. The chemicals of these procedures may cause you irritation, so it’s better to avoid them for the time given.
  • Follow your usual schedule of washing hair unless you experience pain or irritation around the injection site. 

Who Are The Right Candidates For PRP Therapy?

PRP injections can help a large group of individuals looking to achieve their old hair back. Here are the groups that can potentially experience significant results using this therapy:

  • Both men and women can potentially restore their hair with PRP therapy. So, whether male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness, you may experience good results.
  • All ages of people, ranging from 18 to 72 years.
  • People that have faced hair loss because of high-stress levels.
  • Individuals who have suffered recent hair loss. PRP offers better results if you get treatment within the right time limit.
  • People who are bald and have thin hair but not entirely bald. PRP injections can grow, strengthen, and thicken your hair by activating the hair follicles, regardless of how weak they appear.

Who Should Avoid Getting PRP Therapy For Hair?

Well, while PRP hair restoration can help a wide range of audiences, a few groups cannot get this treatment. Before starting the procedure, our professional will learn about your health history. And they may not offer you this therapy if you:

  • use blood thinners
  • smoke regularly
  • have a past of drug misuse or alcohol

Other than that, our professional will reject providing your PRP treatment if you are diagnosed with the following:

  • chronic or acute infections
  • metabolic disorder
  • cancer
  • thyroid disease
  • metabolic disorder
  • systemic disorder
  • Low platelet count, etc.

Whether you can or not get this therapy for your hair, you can confirm it by contacting Apprize Beauty. 

Best Place to Get PRP Hair Restoration In Miami

Are you ready to experience the best PRP hair restoration in Miami? Apprize Medical uses the best practices to regrow your hair using the best-in-class procedures such as PRP and stem cell therapy. Our professionals use regenerative medicine techniques, so you can achieve better hair growth by activating your hair follicles. Our treatment also ensures long-term results by maintaining hair quality and thickness without a hair transplant.

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