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Botox Lip Flip Treatment: What It Is, Benefits & Effects

Fuller and plumper lips are always in fashion. Botox lip flip is the hot trend these days for getting poutier lips without doing any surgery. Most people use this procedure to enhance their face’s aesthetic appeal or eliminate uneven lip shape. This procedure is very effective in giving the appearance of naturally fuller lips. Another benefit of this procedure is that it is a less invasive approach for getting plumper lips.


While going for this procedure, you should always go to a certified and trusted professional. If performed incorrectly, this treatment can cause troubling side effects like swelling and bruising nausea, an uneven smile, a sagging face, or duck lips. This blog will tell you why this procedure is beneficial in improving the impression of your lips and is the most trusted service of Botox lip flip in Miami Beach.


What Is A Botox Lip Flip?

The lip flip treatment using Botox is a procedure that adds volume to the upper lip using the filler. However, this treatment does not overload the lip and won’t make them look unnatural. The procedure will make your lip look poutier and show a less gummy smile. It involves using a few injections to relax the muscles in the upper lip and flip it a bit in an upward direction. It creates an illusion of a fuller and more natural-looking upper lip.


This treatment takes a less invasive approach in giving you the desired results. The Botox is only added to the edges and corners of your mouth to give it a plumped-up look.


What Are The Benefits?

Before you go and get this procedure done, you should know why it benefits you and why you should get this treatment.


Reduces The Appearance Of Vertical Lines On The Lip

The wrinkles that form on top of your lips can be reduced with the help of a lip flip treatment. It smoothest out the lines making your lips look full.


Shows More Lips When You Smile Instead Of Your Gums

A lip flip can solve your problem if you are conscious about your gums showing while smiling. It relaxes the upper lip, and it stops your upper lip from pulling up tight and enhancing the impression of your lips while you grin or smile.


You Don’t Have To Stop Doing Any Work

Unlike lip fillers, where you have to stop doing certain things and activities, lip flipping does not stop you from doing your regular activities and eating and drinking anything you want.


It Adds Definition To Your Lip 

In this treatment, you will only feel a very fine rise in the appearance of the upper lip. Your lip will have more of a slop which will help define the upper edge of the lips, giving it a poutier and fuller look.


More Cost-Effective In Contrast To Lip Filler

A lip filler injection costs hundreds and thousands of dollars and uses many products to treat a small area. However, lip flipping costs a lot less, and a small amount of product works wonders on the lip and a large part of the face.


Won’t Make A Drastic Change In Your Appearance

Lip flip only adds a subtle change to your lips. It will only contribute to a bit of change in your whole appearance and a lot more aesthetics. It does not make your lips look excessively bigger and unnatural.


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The Lip Flip Treatment Vs. The Traditional Lip Fillers?

Both treatments are done to make your lips look plumper and fuller. Nonetheless, there is a major difference between the results of both procedures.


Lip filler is a type of dermal filler. Cosmetologists add Botox to every part of your lip to give them a more voluminous and fuller appearance. You can see visible results of this procedure just after the treatment ends. This procedure can drastically increase the size of lips.


In the lip flip procedure, the cosmetologists will use Botox injections just above your upper lip to relax your lip muscles and make them tilt a little upwards. It helps show more of the upper lip (also called vermilion). Your lips will give off a fuller appearance a few days after the treatment is done. It helps reduce the appearance of your gums while smiling without adding to the volume of your lip.


How Long Do The Effects Last? 

The effect of this treatment generally lasts from around two to five months, depending on your body and the place where you got the treatment done. The results only last a few months because of the frequent movement of the upper lip; its effects wear off soon.


The Best Lip Flip Provider Near You

If you are searching for a  Botox lip flip near me  in Florida, then connect with Apprize Beauty. We are one of the leading names in the beauty and skin industry. The dermatologists can create a specialized beauty and skin treatment plan targeting all your problems. While treating our patients, we follow all the safety standards and provide the treatment that best suits them.


The treatments at our facility are carefully curated, and technologies are world-class. Our specialists can also suggest the best treatment for you if you are in any kind of confusion and solve all your other queries.

Frequently asked questions

The procedure does not hurt and should only take a few minutes to complete. The experts won’t use any numbness cream and just finish the procedure with bare minimum pain to the patient.

Lip flip is a safe treatment that only helps relax your upper lip muscles. The only thing that can go wrong is the over-relaxed muscle, but that will only happen when you don’t go to a professional for this procedure.

You should always look for a certified doctor or a professional and established clinic. You should also check the reviews and ratings of the place. Don’t ever go to a place with bad reviews because they are the testimonials of people who had bad service experiences.

The results of this treatment only show after a few days. To see the complete effects of this procedure, you will have to wait a week or two.

The main work of a Botox in lip flip is to relax the muscles of the upper lip. The relaxed muscles curl your lip upward and make it look bigger. It does not add volume to your upper lip but gives the illusion of a fuller and poutier lip.

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