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What Is NAD+ IV Therapy: Are Its Anti-Aging Effects Real?

Were you looking for treatments that can offer anti-aging effects and somehow landed on NAD+ IV therapy? Well, recently, many have tried this therapy and given great feedback about it. But, if you look at its name, it isn’t easy to guess how exactly this therapy works and whether it is safe.

So, are you an average person who seeks good health and well-being? Or are you always looking for ways that can enhance your vitality? In that case, you’re the perfect candidate for an NAD+ IV. While IV therapies are already popular, NAD+ appears like a new addition. This therapy has vast health benefits for both your mind and body.


So, let’s learn how NAD+ IV infusions can open up your body’s potential and what role Apprize Beauty has in it.


What Is NAD+ IV Therapy, And Why Is It Essential?

Before we jump into the benefits and effects of NAD+ IV therapy, it is vital that we understand what exactly this therapy is.


NAD+ IV therapy, where NAD stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is an intravenous treatment type that helps stimulate cell generation in the body. Now, what does NAD have to do with this therapy? Well, it is a coenzyme present in all living cells. And this coenzyme has many benefits, such as enhancing cognitive processing and aiding addiction recovery. Furthermore, it is also referred to as an anti-aging molecule, as it promotes health and prolongs lifespan.


Even many studies have suggested that this molecule can help fight aging effects as well as chronic conditions in the human brain and body. You may be surprised that doctors have used this treatment since the late 1960s. So, even if it appears like a new word to you in the present time, you should know it has a pretty old history.


However, even if this coenzyme exists in your body, you must understand that your body doesn’t have an endless supply of it. And, as you age, the levels of NAD start decreasing in your skin cells and brain tissue. Hence, your body struggles to repair the DNA damage effectively.


But worry not, as this is where NAD+ IV therapy comes to the rescue. Through this therapy, your body will experience sufficient levels of this molecule. Also, you’ll get a boost in your physical as well as mental health. So, let’s see what benefits NAD+ infusions can offer.


NAD+ IV Therapy Benefits: Anti-Aging Effects, Better Brain Functioning, And More…

As mentioned, NAD production in your body is dependent on age. So, as you get older, your body can experience lower production of this molecule. Because of this, your body can struggle to function optimally. So, to protect your body against DNA damage and offer you anti-aging effects, it becomes crucial that you get NAD+ IV therapy.


Here are the benefits of getting this therapy:


1. Offers Anti-Aging Effects

One of the best benefits of NAD IV therapy is that it provides anti-aging effects. As a person ages, their body starts producing free radicals in large amounts. These substances are toxic and can harm the body system while also accelerating the aging process. Because of your increased age, your body’s antioxidants usually cannot defend against these free radicals.


But, several studies have shown that NAD+ IV infusion can slow down this process and may even reverse it. NADH, a form of NAD, is a known powerful antioxidant that can eliminate the large presence of free radicals in your body. Furthermore, this antioxidant makes sure your body experiences anti-aging effects.


Other than that, NAD+ IV infusion can protect your body’s neurons from damage and can deal with age-related neurodegenerative conditions.


2. Betters Cognitive Function

You may know already that NAD is quite a crucial component that helps maintain your brain health. Its primary role includes helping the brain cells function by making them adapt to different stress levels. In addition, NAD+ IV infusion enhances cognitive function and helps facilitate healthy brain aging.

Let’s discuss neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Parkinson’s. From this, it is quite prevalent that there are low NAD levels. In addition, there are enhanced levels of toxic substances in these conditions.


Some studies mention that NAD infusion therapy may help slow down this process and improve neurodegenerative conditions. 


3. Good for Muscle Protection and Recovery

Are you familiar with vascular aging? It is a process where your veins start to die off. Because of this condition, your body suffers blood flow restriction, which can also affect your muscle’s health. In addition, NAD is responsible for the muscles and blood vessels’ communication.

Age is another factor that can lower your muscle’s recovery rate. So, your body is not only suffering from less blood flow but also experiencing lesser signals from blood vessels because of decreased NAD levels.

However, you should not worry; NAD therapy can help increase the levels of NAD in your body. By having sufficient levels of this molecule, your body’s muscles and blood vessels will be able to communicate more effectively. Furthermore, when you have the right NAD levels, you’ll experience greater muscle protection and recovery even as you age.

4. Promotes Weight Loss

Do you know NAD+ IV therapy also offers positive effects on your metabolism? Well, before we understand how NAD therapy helps you lose weight, you should be familiar with metabolism. It is simply a process of changing food into ATP. The cells in your body use ATP as a form of energy.

Now, NAD IV infusions can help with increasing the amount of ATP. This means your body will have more energy to perform different activities. Furthermore, this therapy can help enhance the speed of reactions that occur during metabolism. So, with better reaction speed, you’ll be able to get the most out of your food. However, in all this, how is this therapy helping you lose weight?

Well, it is known that better-performing metabolism can help lose weight by burning calories faster. And, when you go for regular NAD+ IV therapies, you can keep your metabolism functioning in check so it performs effectively. Hence, with a better-performing metabolism, your body will work toward converting food into energy instead of fat.

5. Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression

When you’re suffering from anxiety and depression, the NAD levels of your body decrease drastically. This can affect your brain health and may disturb your mood. Through NAD infusions, you can boost the functioning of neurotransmitters that are present in your brain. And these are quite essential for brain cells’ functioning.

NAD IV therapy can boost your mood and help maintain the symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients. This will help in faster recovery and improve overall health.

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6. Enhances Energy Levels

As mentioned, NAD helps you lose weight faster by enhancing your metabolism. And we also mentioned that it assists with increasing the production of ATP. So, more ATP means more energy for your cells.

When your body’s cells have a consistent source of energy, your body also experiences overall increased energy levels. With your metabolism running efficiently, you have the energy to perform your daily activities or exercise.

So, suppose you experience low energy levels as the mid-day approach and no beverage is working for you. In that case, it’s time you consider getting NAD+ IV therapy.

7. Supports Addiction Recovery

If you are fighting your addictions and suffering due to the side effects of the medications, you should consider NAD therapy for its amazing benefits. NAD can help control drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms in these people recovering from their addictions.

Furthermore, this therapy also helps repair nerves and cell damage that occurs during the addiction recovery process. In addition, this therapy can help restore your body’s energy levels by filtering the harmful effects of these substances. So, you are getting great help for your brain and body through NAD+ IV therapy.

8. Protects the Brain

NAD is a coenzyme that is always active in your brain. And the primary function of this molecule is to protect cells so they don’t lose the substance known as Myelin. This substance is crucial as it facilitates quick communication between brain cells.

A few studies suggest that NAD might be able to function as a neurotransmitter in your brain. Therefore, it is possible to say that this molecule is more involved in your brain’s communication and functioning than it seems.

However, while confirming the previous benefit of this therapy needs more data, you don’t need much of it regarding NAD’s effectiveness for clearing brain fog. Yes, NAD+ IV therapy can help you treat brain fog, so you can think clearly and make better decisions.

9. Improves Overall Well-being  

Besides the previous benefits of NAD+ IV therapy, you can get this therapy to improve your overall health. So, how does this happen? Well, the body breaks down vitamin B, leading to the production of NAD. And this molecule can influence a variety of processes in your body, including:

  • Changing food into energy
  • Regulating the internal clock of your body or circadian rhythm
  • Protecting cells and DNA

With this therapy, you may experience better skin and thicker nails and hair. In addition, you may feel and look younger as this therapy can boost your general well-being. With so many NAD therapy benefits, you should consider getting it.

What’s The Session Duration For NAD+ IV Therapy, And How Long Do The Results Last?

Now, deciding how long your session will last for NAD IV therapy can be a bit tricky. The duration mainly depends on your goal, general health, and how well the body responds to the therapy. To get an idea of how long your session will last, you can contact Apprize Beauty professionals. You can discuss your goals with them, and they will guide you on the best option for you and how long it will take to execute completely.

To get a general idea, the session of NAD therapy can last around three to five hours. However, your healthcare provider may ask you to take out half a day before starting the therapy.

Now, coming to the question, how long do the results of NAD+ IV infusions last? Well, this can vary, too, depending on your goals and needs from this therapy. If you get this therapy to aid addiction recovery, the results may only last a few days. However, suppose you’re getting it to enhance your cognitive focus and fight aging symptoms. In that case, the results can last easily for a few weeks.

How Often Should You Get NAD+ IV Therapy?

Now, after knowing how long the session and effects last of NAD+ IV therapy, you may be curious to know how often you need to get this therapy. Well, how often you should get NAD therapy can vary based on your health, body, and therapy goals. Here are a few things someone needs to look out for:

  • A weekly infusion is recommended if you take it as part of the drug rehab.
  • This therapy effect can last around 14 days for anti-aging, so taking it twice a month is best.
  • If you’re taking NAD therapy to enhance your athletic performance, you need to use it a few times during training and when you’re running a marathon, etc.

Who Is The Right Candidate For NAD+ IV Therapy?

In general, anyone can get this IV therapy, especially if they experience lower energy levels, feel tired and sluggish, or face fogginess. In addition, people facing aging side effects or suffering from age-related conditions or chronic illnesses are the right candidates too. However, even if you don’t have these health conditions, you can still benefit from NAD therapy.

Many athletes use NAD therapy to boost their endurance and performance and enhance the speed of their recovery after facing an injury or doing an intense exercise session.

NAD+ IV therapy is suitable for people with:

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Concentration/memory problems
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Heart disease
  • Multiple sclerosis

It is vital to note that you don’t need to wait to start facing illnesses or age-related issues to get an NDA infusion. You can get this therapy so you can slow the aging process and lessen the risk of various medical conditions.

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