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NAD+ IV Therapy: What Is It? How Does It Work, And Is It Safe?

Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging can shatter your confidence. You might think it is just fate, but do you know you can reverse this aging process? Yes, it is possible because it is not fate but a chemical process inside your body. 


Get a youthful, flawless, and plump face with no wrinkles and fine lines just by increasing the levels of NAD+ in your body. Trust me; this is not magic! It can all be done through a scientific procedure that has been on the doctor’s most recommended list. The procedure is called NAD+ IV Therapy


Now, you must have several questions about NAD+ IV Therapy; what is it, how does it work, and is it safe? Well, let us explain; the procedure involves Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, a naturally occurring substance that replenishes the body’s cells. NAD+ is pushed inside the body through an IV drip. After entering the body, it immediately starts improving cell functioning, and you will find visible differences almost instantly.


We know that it sounds like a plot from a fairy tale, so we want you to read the blog thoroughly and then try it for yourself to not only look younger from the outside but also feel younger from the inside.


What is NAD+?

There are two forms of NAD, the active form is NAD+, and the inactive state is NADH.


NAD+, or the Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a coenzyme or a helper enzyme present in every living cell of your body. It is also an anti-aging molecule because it can promote prolonged lifespan and health. Some of the processes aided by NAD+ are:


  • Repairing And Protecting DNA
  • Genomic Stability
  • Calcium Signaling
  • Chromosomal Integrity Preservation
  • Gene Expression
  • Maintaining Mitochondrial Function
  • Extracting Cellular Energy From Nutrition
  • Epigenetic And Posttranslational Modifications
  • Circadian Clock
  • Kidney Function
  • Cardiovascular Function
  • Liver Function
  • Neurological function

The levels of this enzyme reduce with age. However, the natural NAD+ level can decline prematurely due to lifestyle, use of alcohol, diet, stress, and other toxins. Firstly, this happens at a cellular level. Later, we eventually see outward signs – the lines and wrinkles, the aching in our joints, decreased mental clarity, and other chronic illnesses. Later, severe symptoms show up. Therefore, this coenzyme is essential to slow down the genes that accelerate the aging process.


What is NAD+ IV Therapy? 

NAD+ IV Therapy is an intravenous treatment that can help battle various symptoms associated with aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, weak metabolism, weight gain, brain fog, and fatigue by cell regeneration.


Significant reduction of this coenzyme is one of the most powerful driving forces behind the aging process. NAD+ IV therapy ensures that the body absorbs the coenzyme, converts them to molecular energy, and replenishes the cell with everything necessary. 


Oral supplements are available for NAD, but they are hard for the body to absorb. On the other hand, an IV drip or IV therapy ensures 100% bioavailability to the molecules. Thus, allowing the body to absorb the maximum of it.


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NAD+ IV Therapy Benefits

These are some of the benefits of intravenous NAD+:

Slows Down Aging

Aging is associated with reduced levels of NAD+. However, the body requires NAD+ to boost mitochondria function, repair damaged cells, and improves skin elasticity.

The process of infusion helps replenish the cell nutrients for the cells to function actively. Unlike creams and serums, NAD+ IV works from within the body and rejuvenates it.


Moreover, the formula contains a saline solution that hydrates the skin. The exact process is also helpful in the chronic hydrating dehydration of skin cells that causes wrinkles and fine lines. 


Boosts Metabolism And Aids Weight Loss

Burning fat ironically requires lots of energy. If your metabolism is slow, then there is not enough energy to burn fat. This explains why older people struggle to lose fat: their metabolism slows down significantly. NAD can boost metabolism, helping provide enough fuel to burn fat reserves to power the rest of the body.


The BMR or the BASAL Metabolic Rate measures how much energy your body burns when resting. The therapy revamps the BMR and makes you burn more calories while resting. Additionally, boosting levels of the coenzyme can turn back the cellular clock, reversing aging and restoring higher levels of metabolic function.


Moreover, in weight loss, losing weight is only half of the battle; maintaining the weight off is more challenging. Boosting BMR can help manage weight as it burns fat, even while you are resting. 


Clears brain fog, Improves Mental Clarity And Brain Power

Brain fog is a term that indicates difficulty in achieving clear and focused thoughts. The therapy combats brain fog by saturating the cells of your brain with the necessary nutrients to help them perform better. It boosts cognitive functions and clears away the fog. It also ensures focused thoughts, mental clarity, better decision-making, increased concentration, better memory, and improved mood. 


In short, it improves overall neurological functions and enhances brain regeneration.


Beats Fatigue And Increases Energy

NAD+ IV drip is commonly used to treat individuals with chronic fatigue and low energy levels. This coenzyme is a cofactor in the tricarboxylic acid and glycolytic pathways: these two pathways result in Adenosine, Triphosphate Production, the body’s energy source. When NAD+ is supplemented in the body, it increases ATP levels. Therefore, ensuring a boost in the energy levels of the individual. 


Moreover, aging comes with declining levels of energy. The fatigue and the tiredness reflect cellular imbalance and reduced levels of NAD+. Supplementing the patient with the same will help bring the energy level up.


Reverse Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can damage the exposed parts of our skin. Sun damage affects the skin cells in the form of pigmentation, fine lines, and even cancer. NAD+ plays a crucial role in repairing damaged DNA and helping to reverse the damage done by the sun. Therefore, it helps you look flawless and feel beautiful inside out. 


Supports Addiction Recovery

In addition to all the properties of NAD+ to improve health and mental stability, it also serves as a treatment that promotes addiction management. It helps people wean off alcohol, opioids, and other drug dependencies. 


Helps Manage Chronic Conditions

NAD+ becomes exceptionally vital when it comes to chronic diseases. The anti-inflammatory capacity of the enzyme helps in reducing pain.


The helper enzyme helps activate antioxidants. In addition to that, NAD+ also helps in reducing symptoms of diabetes in patients. Also, since NAD+ increases serotonin levels, it works as a mood stabilizer which can be great for people suffering from depression. 


Pain management

One of the principal reasons why some people take NAD+ IV Therapy is to manage pain. It is known to exert anti-inflammatory actions on the body. It reduces the inflammation that typically occurs with pain. Thus, giving relief from pain. However, studies are still going on about the pain management aspect of IV NAD+, and the results are not definitive yet. 


Enhances Overall Well-Being

NAD+ IV Therapy revitalizes the body by working with every individual cell. It helps maintain certain vital functions that enhance the body’s overall health. It also promotes a feeling of youthfulness and improves mood.


How Does NAD+ IV Therapy work?

NAD+ IV is like any other intravenous treatment. IV nurses administer the IV fluid solution through a tube, called a catheter, attached to a needle that enters your bloodstream. The coenzyme will then slowly drip into your bloodstream over several hours, depending on the speed.


While receiving the therapy, you will have to keep your arm still for the treatment, so you don’t accidentally dislodge the catheter. Otherwise, you can relax, read, watch television, or browse on your phone while sitting comfortably. After the therapy, a small bandage will be placed on the injection site. There is no required downtime after the session, and you can immediately return to your daily activities.


Most intravenous therapy sessions usually take up to 30- 45 minutes. However, NAD+ for anti-aging may take longer. Each session lasts for 2 to 6 hours. If the procedure is done in less than 2 hours, then certain temporary side effects may arise. The specific side effects include intestinal cramps, increased energy, chest pressure, and nausea. 


Closer Look at the Science Behind NAD+ IV Therapy & Its Effectiveness

Doctors cite a Harvard Medical School study that states that NAD+ IV treatment has proven to be 87% effective. 


NAD+ is an essential coenzyme, also known as a helper enzyme. It is a key to unlocking solutions to several health issues and reviving your youth. This coenzyme is a cofactor in the tricarboxylic acid and glycolytic pathways: these two pathways result in ATP or Adenosine, Triphosphate Production, the body’s energy source. When NAD+ is supplemented in the body, it increases ATP levels. It works with ATP and helps the mitochondria of our cells. 


The levels of active NAD in our body may decrease for various reasons. It may go down due to old age or diet, lifestyle, stress, consumption of alcohol, and much more. However, it can be replenished with IV therapy. Moreover, the therapy also hydrates the cells suffering from chronic dehydration by replenishing them with saline water.


In short, it can be used to rejuvenate the body from within. 


Is NAD+ IV Therapy Safe?

NAD+ is a naturally occurring coenzyme, and it is in every cell of the body. Therefore it does not have any side effects and is completely safe. Thousands of people have received NAD treatments without reporting any adverse effects or reactions.


However, some people may feel temporary nausea or stomach discomfort during the active infusion. It can happen if the IV drip is set at a faster speed. 


Additionally, it is crucial always to be cautious. Consultation with a medical professional is a must. Doctors will analyze your current health status before stepping for treatment. Moreover, as a patient, you should prioritize informing the doctor about your medical history. 


In short, IV therapy is a safe treatment option as it is an all-natural substance used in the body.


NAD+ IV Therapy: How Often should you opt for it? 

Unlike any other therapy, NAD requires more time to infuse. It happens as NAD is a bioactive agent, so it requires time to act within the body. One should always consult about the intervals and number of sessions needed by a medical professional for the treatment, as it is mainly personalized for the patient’s convenience.


The Best Facility For NAD+ IV Session?

Apprize Medical is a clinical facility that provides solutions by combining modern and conventional medicine. At this facility, we use scientifically proven solutions to reverse the internal aging process and heal maladies with personalized solutions. 


Our patients get full excess to all the resources we have. Moreover, our team of specialists and experts is always there to cater to the needs of our patients. 


We focus on preventive and proactive medicine rather than reactive medicine. It’s because we firmly believe in curing the disease before the patient becomes chronically ill. 

Apart from anti-aging, we focus on the overall wellness of our patients. Some of the health issues we look after our – cardiac health, weight loss, sexual health, digestive health, hormonal optimization, and much more. 


We offer state-of-the-art treatments along with a tailored healthcare roadmap. To rejuvenate yourself from within, book an appointment: 


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Frequently Asked Questions

After taking your first-ever IV sessions of NAD+, you feel the improvements almost immediately. You will feel the clarity of mind, better concentration, and activeness almost instantaneously after the session. Later, you will see visible results. These results will last 4-14 days, depending on the procedure, the patient’s health condition, and goals. 


In short, you should expect a boost in your metabolism, clarity of mind, and energized body.

NAD+ IV therapies are usually carried over a few days for better and improved results. However, most people feel a clear difference before and after the treatment. People experience mental clarity, activeness, and other improvements after one session. Therefore, the results are instantaneous and visible. 

NAD+ in the body boosts mitochondria function, repairs damaged cells and improves skin elasticity. The process reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Unlike creams and serums, NAD+ IV works from within the body and rejuvenates it. Moreover, the formula contains a saline solution that hydrates the skin. The exact process is also helpful in hydrating the chronic dehydration of skin cells that causes wrinkles and fine lines. 

The benefits of NAD+ IV Treatments usually last for 4-14 days, depending upon the patient’s condition and health goals. However, the benefits of treatments like anti-aging last longer than the others. You can see visible effects for 14 or more days with this treatment. 

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