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NAD IV Therapy: Benefits And Reasons To Try It Today

In this fast-paced world, everybody wants to do several things in a short time. Every individual is looking for ways to reduce stress by trying to eat healthy, going to gyms, and getting full naps every day. You need the energy to do everyday tasks, and NAD IV therapy will help you do all this and more.


It is a natural process that can improve the appearance of your skin and reduce your stress at the same time, so NAD therapy is what you need. The therapy brings significant improvements in both your skin and mental health. It is an all-natural process that assists your body in generating agents responsible for treating various mental and health problems. Learn how this therapy works and why you should try it if you are feeling excessive stress.


What Is NAD+ Therapy?

NAD+ therapy stands for NIcotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. This substance comes from Vitamin B3 and boosts the reconstruction of your body’s natural agents that help treat physical and mental health issues. NAD is an important coenzyme and amino acid in our body that helps link all the other enzymes together to increase their production and working speed.   


How Does NAD+ Therapy Help The Body?

The process is a super efficient coenzyme in giving your body a kick-start in the production of agents that heal the body. NAD+ not just helps deal with stress; it also removes any brain fog and provides the clarity to work efficiently and with focus. Moreover, it helps the body deal with pain and weakness in a better way. The therapy is also beneficial in improving your sleep quality. The working of oxygen in the body also changes as the therapy progresses. 


If you are worried about fine lines or wrinkles on your face, this treatment can also assist you in fixing the problem. The stimulating features of this procedure help revive the cells that got worn and damaged with time. The body is already fixing all the problems, but the therapy makes the body work faster. 


Why Should You Try NAD+ Therapy?

This powerful coenzyme helps treat several skin-related and mental health conditions. The anti-aging effect of IV NAD therapy is considered the best in the healthcare industry. The people who receive this therapy often report that they feel enhanced focus and concentration and better hearing capacity, energy, mood, eyesight, and memory. 


Some reasons that make this therapy beneficial for you:


Safeguards The Brain Cells  

The neuro-protective characteristic of the NAD helps safeguard the sheath around our body’s nerve fibers around our spine, brain, and optic nerves. This treatment can also help decrease neurological health decline in the future.  


Reduces The Sign Of Aging

Due to the decline of NAD in our bodies, our bodies become less capable of producing cells that stop the aging process. NAD treatment can help slow down the aging process of our body by boosting the production of cells and repairing our DNA. 


Overall Wellness

After the treatment, the most common and fastest visible effects include better and brighter skin and improved hair and nail health. There are several effects on our brain functioning, such as enhanced thinking, better focus, good night’s sleep, and youthful-looking skin and energy.    


The Best NAD IV Therapy In Miami Beach

If you have been relentlessly searching for NAD IV therapy near me, then you can take a rest now. At Apprize beauty, you get the best-in-class technology to treat your problem. The professionals will create a customized plan for your needs keeping all the problems in mind. The experts take care of all the safety rules and regulations that keep you safe. 


We understand the importance of the specific needs of your hair and nails and ensure that we treat them from within. Additionally, our services and therapies are designed and consulted by a team of certified physicians and dermatologists. The NAD IV therapy cost is based on the number of appointments and infusions required to reach your health and mental goals. 



If you want a younger-looking skin and energy that matches it, then NAD+ IV therapy will become your savior. You will get the best NAD treatment in all of Florida at Apprize Beauty. Not just NAD but the other services that can improve your skin and hair health include Regenerative Aesthetics, Hair Restoration, Neurotoxins, IV Therapy, Facial Filler, Chemical Peel, and VEMI.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first session of this treatment will only last for a week or two. However, as the number of your sessions increases, it will show significant and lasting results. The effects are also based on how your body works and your health goals. 

NAD therapy is totally safe as it only uses natural substances. The substances are easily absorbed into the body and will not lead to serious health issues. 

The side effects of this treatment are generally very mild. The side effects include slighting, nausea, sweating, and bloating. If you are experiencing any symptoms, they will probably subside on their own. 

NAD therapy can take nearly six to ten days to show its full effects. Along with therapy, you will require vitamin-rich foods to increase the production of NAD in the brain.

With age, NAD declines in our bodies. The treatment helps supply the body with coenzymes that give our body energy to make our cells work better and stronger. The treatment can last anywhere from 4 to 14 days. You can get 1 to 2 drip sessions per week.

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