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What Is a Botox Lip Flip and its Procedure? Is It For You?

Botox lip flip is quite a popular procedure that helps with lip enhancement without making use of fillers. It’s part of a non-surgical procedure and isn’t too costly. By going through it, you can have fuller lips without having to increase your lip’s volume. A lip flip is the best option for people looking to define their upper lips and improve their gummy smile.

Here, you’ll find all about a Botox lip flip procedure and who is the right candidate for it.

Understanding What Is a Botox Lip Flip

Keeping it simple, a Botox lip flip is a non-invasive procedure that helps make the lips look fuller. During this procedure, our doctor will inject botulinum toxin into your mouth corners and lips edges.

This botulinum injection helps relax your muscles near the upper lip. And, with this, a flip in your lip appears, making it look larger than normal.   


What Makes A Botox Lip Flip Different From Lip Fillers?

While discussing a Botox lip flip, you may be curious about how this procedure differs from lip fillers. Both of these procedures are popular among people looking to make their lips appear fuller.

Lip fillers are dermal fillers, and their procedure includes your doctor injecting HA (Hyaluronic acid) into the different parts of the lips that help add volume to them. After this procedure ends, your lips will immediately appear fuller.

Meanwhile, a lip flip procedure includes injecting Botox into your different upper lip parts. For this procedure to show any results, it can take around a week. After this period, your upper lips will appear poutier or fuller. The great thing about this procedure is you don’t require adding volume to your lips. This procedure is more toward a” natural” approach.

Botox Lip Flip: Before, During, and After the Procedure

Now, how the lip flip procedure is executed is something you should know about. If you’re considering getting this treatment, you should be aware of all the factors that make up this process. So, we should first look at what happens before the Botox lip flip procedure. And after that, we can learn about the between and after part of this treatment.

Before The Lip Flip Treatment

Before starting the lip flip procedure, it’s vital that you meet our professional. Your first meeting with our doctor focuses on learning about your various conditions and goals from this treatment. Our healthcare provider will examine different factors, such as your mental health as well as social conditions. In this session, our professional will ask questions such as:

  • What is your reason for getting a lip flip?
  • What are your end goals from this procedure?

Other than that, our doctors will also analyze your general health, which may include your preexisting health complications or risk factors. Furthermore, tell our doctor if you have any allergies to certain things, Also, make sure you update our healthcare provider on any medication you’re currently taking. It is essential to discuss such factors as they can affect the healing process.

Moreover, our doctor will suggest you not consume alcohol, aspirin, and cigarettes at least one week before the lip flip procedure. Such consumption can thin out your blood, due to which the healing process becomes much slower. Furthermore, smoking cigarettes may cause bruising at the site of injection.

Other than this, our healthcare staff may ask you to click the photos of your lips and face for the purpose of a medical record. Also, to show the other people a lip flip before and after effect.

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During The Botox Lip Flip Treatment

A lip flip procedure is the least invasive method, so our professional may not numb your lips before performing it. However, if you don’t want to experience pain or have aichmophobia (fear of needles), you can ask our doctor to use a nerve block injection to numb your lips or use a numbing cream.

During the lip flip procedure, our health care provider will inject Botox into your upper lip parts, including your lips edges and mouth corners. Although this can vary, on average, our medical professionals may insert about 2–4 units of Botox into the upper lip and 2 units into the lower lip. While this is being performed, you may experience tingling pain and watery eyes.

Furthermore, after this procedure is over, our doctor or an assistant standing by their side will use a cotton swab to absorb the blood dots near the injection sites. Know that this procedure doesn’t take too much time, and our healthcare provider will finish it within 10 to 20 minutes.

After The Lip Flip Procedure

So, after the completion of the Botox lip flip treatment, our doctor will stay beside you to monitor your status for at least 15 minutes. This is done, so our professional can take action if in case you suffer from any side effects, such as:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Swelling
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Substantial bleeding

After confirming that you’re fine after the procedure, our medical professional will allow you to go home. Also, you may feel numbness, swollenness, or extra sensitivity around your lips. But don’t worry; this pain will go away after 24 hours.

You can apply the following tips if you want to manage your pain and prevent your Botox from spreading to other parts of the face:

  • Place an ice pack on your lips for at least ten minutes to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. 
  • Don’t use any lip care products like lip balms, lipsticks, or any other for at least three 3–4 days after the treatment.
  • Try not to push any pressure on the lips, such as touching your lips, kissing, puckering your lips, or using a sipping straw.
  • Be extra careful while brushing your teeth.
  • Make sure you don’t sleep face down.

Some Benefits and Perks Of Getting A Botox Lip Flip     

While a Botox lip flip has its apparent advantages, like providing volume to your upper lips, this treatment is not limited when it comes to the benefits department. So, if you have decided to get a lip flip, ensure you’re aware of this treatment’s benefits.

1. It Helps In Defining Your Upper Lip

As already mentioned, lip flips help with improving your upper lip. Your lip will gain a bend, creating a view where your lips will appear extra plump.

2. Prevents Vertical Lip Lines That Appear Above the Upper Lip

With a lip flip, you may experience a wrinkle-lowering effect on the upper lip. This will help smooth your vertical lip lines.

3. The Lip Flip Help Hide a Gummy Smile

A lip flip Botox is excellent for individuals who don’t want to show their gums when smiling. The reason why the gums show when you smile is because your upper lip muscles pull it tight. With this procedure, your smile will appear more than your gums. 

4. No Downtime

One of the best things about a lip flip procedure is that you don’t need to stay in one place once the treatment is over. You can move to perform your daily tasks, but do remember to take precautions recommended by our healthcare provider.

5. A Botox Lip Flip Is Temporary

If you’re just looking to experiment with lip enhancement, you can go for a lip flip treatment. This is because the results of this procedure only last for three-four months. So, you don’t have to retake it if you don’t like the results from the last time.                             

Is It A Botox Lip Flip Right For Me?

Well, before you take a lip flip treatment, you may have a question: Is this treatment right for me? Or, what results can I expect after going through this procedure? Firstly, you should not forget that whether to take a lip flip or not is your own personal decision. Unless a healthcare provider recommends, you should not listen to what other people want from you or how they want you to look in their eyes. 

However, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with pursuing your desires and wants for your body. So, if you’re considering getting a lip flip, here are some things you can look for:

  • Make sure your current physical health is good.
  • Try to have realistic expectations for the procedure.
  • Verify if you have an oral infection, such as cold sores or canker sores.

The primary reason for getting a lip flip includes making your upper lip size larger. Furthermore, there can be other reasons why you may want to go through this procedure, including:

You Want Your Lips to Appear Plumper

With increasing age, your lips may appear thinner or smaller, your philtrum may become flatter and longer, and the distance between your mouth corners may increase. 

You Want To Avoid Lip Fillers

As already mentioned, lip fillers help change the lips’ shape and volume. Furthermore, this treatment is costly and causes easy swelling and bruising.

You Are Looking To Lower the Appearance of the Wrinkles

Botox helps relax the facial muscles around your lips. So, with this treatment, you can decrease the appearance of wrinkles when making any facial expression.

You Want To Hide the Gums with Your Lips

Many of us become self-conscious whenever our gums appear too much while smiling.

You’re seeking a Confidence Boost

With a lip flip, you can experience better body image and self-esteem.

Want The Best Lip Flips Near Me? Let Apprize Beauty Help You!

A lip flip is an effective and safe procedure for people looking to add volume to their upper lip. If you have a question like how long a lip flip lasts, know that this treatment effect vanishes after two to five months. If you have decided that you want a Botox lip flip, you should definitely give us a try.

At Apprize Beauty, we offer the best treatment for lip flips. We use less invasive procedures to help your lips to appear fuller, which can help increase your beauty appeal. Our specialist will ensure you get a personalized treatment that suits your goals and demands. To book a personal consultation with our professional, call us at (305) 851-2132 or send your query to

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