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Regenerative Aesthetics: What it is and why it’s So Important?

The demand for more “natural” therapies by patients is as high as it can ever be. In addition, many looking to enhance their facial or bodily features instead of going toward surgery are demanding a more effective and less invasive approach. All this has given birth to the emerging branch of regenerative aesthetics

Yes, you heard it right; your new treatment approach enhances your body’s natural healing instead of giving forced or temporary results. Furthermore, with more development in this medicinal branch, you can say that the results are pretty significant. Also, as it develops, many treatment approaches will be opened, almost eliminating the need for highly invasive procedures.

Now, since there is such hype around regenerative aesthetics, which is also an evidence-based approach to age management, it is not an exaggeration to say that this is the future of cosmetic medicine. However, the question is, what is regenerative aesthetics, and what should I know about it? So, let’s briefly overview this branch to understand it more. 

A Brief Introduction to Regenerative Aesthetics

So, let’s start by knowing what regenerative aesthetics refers to. According to experts, it is the application of regenerative medicine principles in cosmetic or aesthetic treatments, services, and products. Furthermore, regenerative medicines are there to manage or harness your body’s natural potential to restore, repair and rejuvenate aging or damaged cells as well as the structure to a youthful and healthier state.

This idea of self-healing is based on the fact that the human body possesses a vast potential to rejuvenate and repair itself. An average adult human body has more than 37 trillion specialized cells. Out of this, stem cells play a very vital role in our bodies. They give out powerful forces within our bodies that assist in restoring, repairing, and regenerating any tissues present within them.       

Now, even stem cells have two types: Embryonic stem cells and Adult stem cells. Firstly, embryonic stem cells are nonspecific and can develop into any cell inside your body. Meanwhile, adult stem cells are available throughout your body’s tissues and replace aged or damaged tissue cells. So they function as replacement parts inside your body.

Cytokine or Growth factors and various other signaling peptide messengers later direct the different cells as well as the stem cells in our body to do particular functions in the replacement, repair, and regeneration of compromised, damaged, or aged cells tissues.

Now, all this, where managing and harnessing an insanely powerful system of cell functioning is part of regenerative aesthetics and regenerative medicine.

What Is Regenerative Aesthetics?

With this, you now have a brief introduction to this branch. However, all this will only be complete by giving an exact definition of what it is exactly. Regenerative aesthetics is a branch of regenerative medicine in which the principles of regenerative medicine are applied. These principles help regenerate skin and hair on a cellular level and involve using the latest treatment approaches, such as PRP.

At Apprize Beauty, you can experience individualized care when it comes to regenerative aesthetics and regenerative medicine. We prioritize patients’ needs and provide them with a comprehensive approach to hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. Our team of doctors offers regenerative aesthetic treatments and primary care services to treat as well as identify various underlying concerns related to skin and hair.

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The Role of Regenerative Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicines in Being an Effective Treatment Option

We already have treatments that help with skin rejuvenation and hair growth. However, out of all the treatments, only a few show results without damaging the body as it is. A non-invasive treatment approach will always be preferred to handle such health concerns. Therefore, treatments like PRP and stem cell restoration are in high demand. You may be surprised to know that both these treatments utilize regenerative medicine, which is a part of regenerative aesthetics.

Hair Restoration and Stem Cells Therapy

Stem cell therapy using regenerative medicine helps activate the sleeping hair follicle, resulting in new hair growth. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), as well as stem cell therapy, wakes up the cells present within the follicles that aid in sending the chemical signals. With the occurrence of new follicles, you will produce and regenerate healthy, strong hair.

This treatment is not similar to topical synthetic products such as minoxidil. They only stimulate hair growth without showing any significant changes or results. On the other hand, PRP and stem cell products have made a big revolution in hair loss treatment and restoration. They help by giving long-lasting and more natural results by stimulating your hair’s sleeping follicles, resulting in natural and healthier hair growth.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) For Skin Therapy

PRP is also a part of regenerative aesthetics, where regenerative injection treatment is involved, which helps promote soft tissue healing. It produces growth factors and stimulates stem cells, which aid in initiating cellular repair. The primary role of this therapy is to treat dermatological conditions. At Apprize Beauty, we use PRP therapy to treat scars, fine lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and hair thinning/loss. 

Morpheus8 micro-needling and PRP are together, they can help increase skin smoothness, better skin texture, and enhance firmness. Other than that, PRP can even improve the results obtained through other regenerative therapies, like stem cell therapy.

What Is Apprize Beauty’s Regenerative Aesthetics Approach For Hair Restoration And Skin Rejuvenation?

At Apprize Beauty, our priority for patients is to offer them primary care services so that we can address the root factors affecting their skin and hair health. In addition, we can help you gain long-term hair and skin health results by doing this and using the latest regenerative treatments.

So, interested in how we address your skin and hair concerns? Here are some things we check:

  • Hormonal change (puberty, mensuration, menopause, pregnancy, etc.)
  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors
  • Lifestyle factors (alcohol, diet, smoking, emotional stress, lack of sleep, etc.)
  • Certain medications
  • Present health conditions (diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease, etc.)

By getting a comprehensive report of your current conditions, we can find the most suitable regenerative aesthetics treatments for your skin as well as your hair. So, if you seek natural hair growth and skin rejuvenation, book a consultation by contacting us at (305) 851-2132 or Also, you can fill out our consultation form for a personalized session with our professionals. 

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