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The Best PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Provider In Miami

Have you been concerned about your thinning hair? Or are you losing your beautiful strands quickly? Well, then, you need to get PRP hair restoration therapy now. 

If you are among 80 million people in the U.S. who experience hair loss because of Androgenetic Alopecia, this treatment can help restore and boost your hair growth. We understand that losing your hair can mean losing self-confidence and the ability to interact properly in a social setting. 

Various studies have proven that losing hair can cause mental health problems in both men and women. Men go through extreme emotional burdens when they start to lose their hair. Similarly, women show signs of depression when they experience extreme hair fall. 

The PRP therapy is all-natural and does not require using any kind of topicals, pills, or ointments. Let’s discuss what PRP therapy is and how it can help you get rid of all those bald spots on your head and reduce excessive hair fall.  

What Is PRP Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP, is used to reduce hair fall and boost the growth of hair. It is a three-step medical procedure in which professionals use your blood to treat your hair problem from its root. The procedure of this treatment includes drawing a person’s blood, processing it, and then inserting it into the scalp through injections. 

This non-surgical treatment helps stimulate hair growth in both men and women. It is a natural, non-surgical, and state-of-art treatment plan that reduces hair thinning due to Alopecia. The power of this treatment is that it provides nutrients and boosts the growth of cells in the scalp area. 

Procedure For PRP Treatment  

This procedure can take a few sittings over a couple of months to give you satisfactory results. The therapy has three parts that are:

Step 1

Every step of this procedure includes taking blood from your arms and inserting it into a centrifuge machine to separate plasma and blood cells.

Step 2

After inserting blood-filled tubes into the centrifuge, the machine separates the blood into three layers based on their densities. These three layers are:

  • Red blood cells
  • Platelet-rich layer of plasma 
  • Poor platelet count layer of plasma

Step 3

The platelet-rich layer of plasma is extracted from the tube into a syringe. The injections are then used in parts of the scalp that require hair regeneration.

Benefits Of PRP For Reducing Hair Loss

There are several advantages why you should consider this type of treatment when it comes to treating hair loss. Some of the major benefits of using PRP hair restoration therapy for hair loss are:

It Is Extremely Effective

The platelets used in plasma therapy are very effective in stimulating hair follicles. The stimulation of hair follicles increases the thickness of hair within no time. Generally, you get to see the results within a few months of starting the treatment. As the number of sessions increases, the results keep getting better. After the time when you have reached your goal, doctors will suggest methods to retain the results for a long time. 

The Process Is Not Painful

Since it is a non-surgical treatment plan, it does not cause a lot of discomfort. The treatment is very bearable and does not cause pain during or after. Furthermore, the treatment plan only includes taking a small amount of blood and inserting the plasma through injections in the scalp. 

No Recovery Time Required

Again, thanks to the no-surgery part, it does not take time for a person to recover from this treatment. 

The Sittings Are Fast And Problem Free

The part that takes the majority of the time is separating plasma from blood and preparing plasma-filled injections. The actual part of inserting plasma in hair follicles takes just a few minutes to finish. 

Risks Involved

PRP hair restoration procedure may sound scary to you with all the needles involved and injections to be injected into the scalp. But the process is completely painless and does not risk your health. Generally, the patients are given injections with no numbing effects. 

Since the treatment uses your platelets to boost growth, there are no negative effects of this treatment on your body. In the end, you might feel slight discomfort in your scalp that you won’t even notice after a few minutes. 

Natural Looking Results 

The therapy leaves no traces other than slight redness that goes away after a few days. The hair on the scalp grows naturally with the help of platelet-rich plasma.  

Who PRP For Hair Loss Works For?

Both men and women experiencing hair fall are the perfect candidates for PRP for hair loss treatment. Especially if you are an individual who is going through this problem at an early age, you can get better results. Also, this treatment will suit you well if you have Androgenic Alopecia. 

However, some people are unsuitable for PRP hair restoration procedures, which include:

  • People who have a drug or alcohol abuse history
  • Individuals on blood thinner medicines
  • Excessive smokers
  • Having chronic skin infections or diseases
  • Suffering from cancer
  • Long-standing liver problems
Before getting the treatment, you should always tell your doctors about the medicines you are on or if you have any previous health problems. Along with this, you should also tell them about any problem with a specific kind of medicine.

Why Apprize Beauty?

Apprize Beauty has a team of certified physicians and dermatologists who supervise and design all the treatment plans and requirements. We are one of the top names in the beauty and treatment sector. Our treatments are customized based on the customer’s needs, which helps you get the best possible results with zero to minimum side effects. We use modernized medicines and technology to treat your problem, enhance your skin’s appearance and give it a new life. The hair loss treatment Miami beach provided by us shows stellar results in hair growth. 

  We take precautions and provide a safe solution to all your skin problems. Our cutting-edge technology and world-class services help rejuvenate your body and skin from the inside out. Enjoy healthy hair and skin with Apperize Beauty’s top-in-class treatments. To book an appointment, contact us through our website or call us at (305) 851-2132.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy helps regrow hair and reverse hair loss. The procedure uses platelet-rich plasma present in our body to boost the working of cells in the body.

To reverse the hair loss and growth of new hair, you will require a few sittings between 4 to 6 months to get the best results possible. And you will be able to see its result for a couple of years. Since the treatment is not permanent, you will have to go for touch-ups as per your doctor’s recommendations.

The results vary from person to person. Some individuals may notice visible changes between 6-12 months after their first complete treatment. And some may see it right after their first sitting. The treatment is customized on the basis of your hair condition and how much you’d like your hair density to be.

The number of sittings depends on your end goals. However, you will have to go for a session every four to six weeks. And after completing the treatment, you will need touch-ups nearly every four to six months. However, the time for your touch-up may vary based on your doctor’s recommendations.

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