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Best Morpheus8 Treatment For Skin Rejuvenation in Miami

Wrinkles and sagging skin are a part of the natural process that happens to everybody. But accepting this can be difficult and can often influence our self-confidence and hide our personality behind a veil of insecurities. But the good news is, it does not matter what your age is; you can achieve healthy and radiant skin all the time with the help of Morpheus8 treatment.


The treatment offers blemish-free, wrinkle-free, even-toned, and smooth-looking skin. With the help of this treatment, you won’t have to cover your acne scars or different skin tones with the help of makeup. You will feel more confident in your own skin without wanting to cover it with anything. The treatment provides revolutionary results in just one sitting, and the results may last anywhere from months to your whole life. It also improves damaged skin and requires only a little downtime to heal.


The blog will tell you why this treatment is highly effective and recommended for skin rejuvenation.


What Is Morpheus8 Treatment And How Is It Different From Others?

Morpheus8 is a highly effective and safe skin treatment. This non-surgical treatment helps tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin. It helps you achieve smoother, wrinkle-free, and tighter skin in just one treatment.


In this treatment, the expert uses the micro-needling technique to create small puncture marks on the skin that helps produce more collagen to heal those pierced scars. Along with micro-needling, the expert also uses radio frequency to generate heat under the skin. The combination of both treatments can result in skin contouring and tightening of loose skin.


Morpheus8 treatment is an FDA-approved treatment that makes it safe for you. When the device is set to its most powerful settings, it helps you to reduce the fat stored below your skin. And when the device is used at low settings, it helps improve your skin appearance by reducing the appearance of pores, fading acne marks, and making your skin look more radiant. Also, it helps lessen the visibility of stretch marks on your body.


How Does The Treatment Work?

The combination of micro-needling and minimally invasive radio frequency procedures assist in increasing elastin and collagen production in the body. It also contours the fat under the skin and tightens the fibers to tighten the sagging skin.


While the regular micro-needling treatment goes only 1.5 to 2mm deep, the experts can adjust the Morpheus8 treatment based on your skin’s requirements. The range of a Morpheus8 needle is 0.5 to 8mm. The pins puncture the skin to the subdermal level. The tiny punctures allow the radio frequency waves to reach the subdermal level and help in remodeling the tissues at a deeper level. It boosts the working of collagen and distributes fat for a more structured and radiant skin.


What Skin Issues Does Morpheus 8 Target And Treat?

These radio frequency waves and micro-needling treatments are beneficial for people from every age group. This treatment shows significant results in lowering the appearance of:


  • Scars and marks on the body and face
  • The appearance of pores on the skin 
  • Uneven skin texture problems
  • Damage due to sun exposure
  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the face 
  • Jowls and sagging skin around the face and body

Note: It is important for you to keep in mind that every individual’s skin is different. And thus, the effect of the treatment will be different on everybody’s skin. Furthermore, the treatment suggestions and plans created by the doctor are based on your skin’s needs and medical history.


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What Are The Benefits Of The Morpheus8 Treatment?

The Morpheus8 procedure offers many benefits. With this treatment, you can see facelifting effects without any invasive procedure. Moreover, it will give a glass-like appearance and texture to your skin. It means your skin will be free from scars and discoloration and have a nice glow.


The procedure helps reverse the signs of aging from your skin and make your skin feel like new. It will increase your confidence like no other. The advantages of getting this treatment include:


Visibly Reduced Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common issue that both women and men face. The appearance of stretch marks on the thighs, abdomen, breasts, and buttocks is normal for everybody. But if this is making you feel insecure in your skin, then Morpheus8 can help with this problem. The treatment can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by breaking down the fibrous and scar tissues. It will help you achieve skin having more elasticity and fewer wrinkles.


Tightens And Lifts Sagging Or Loose Skin

This treatment will offer facelift-like effects if you have sagging skin around your face, like your neck, cheeks, or chin. The treatment is beneficial if you have collected fat around your back, arms, or under your bra line. The appearance of loose or sagging will be reduced with the help of Morpheus8.


Boost Collagen Production 

After you reach the age of twenty, your body automatically starts reducing collagen production. Every year, collagen production in your body reduces by 1%. But the development in technology now has a new way of boosting the collagen level in your body. And Morpheus8 is one such treatment. It helps produce more collagen and keeps your skin looking more voluminous, tight, radiant, and youthful.


Reduce Acne Scars

Most young people face the problems of acne these days and what stays behind after they are healed. Morpheus8 is very effective for people who deal with any of these problems. The procedure is ideal for shrinking the pores and oil glands below the skin, as the excess oil released by these glands can cause acne.


Other than closing the oil-releasing pores, this treatment can also treat acne scars. Furthermore, the appearance of acne scars is reduced by half, and that is how you get a smooth and even skin texture.


Minimize Wrinkle And Fine Line

Whether you have fine lines or wrinkles around your mouth, nose, eyes, or on your forehead, the Morpheus8 treatment can help minimize their appearance remarkably. After you get the treatment, you will be able to see visible results like firmer, even, and brighter skin with visibly lesser wrinkles and lines.


What To Expect During The Treatment?

The Morpheus8 treatment is not painful at all. The treatment only causes minor discomfort. Nevertheless, if you have low pain tolerance, you can ask the professional to give you an anesthetic beforehand. This treatment does not take very long. For instance, the average time to complete this treatment is half an hour or an hour. The treatment time depends on the area size you are getting the treatment for.


If you choose to use an anesthetic cream for pain, you will have to wait for thirty to forty-five minutes before starting your treatment. The treatment is done using a handheld device that the professional presses into your skin to make tiny punctures. After the needles enter your skin, they produce radio frequency waves to reach deep into your skin. The treatment is effective and not at all risky.


Recovery Time After Treatment

After your treatment is done, the professional will suggest to you everything you need to know. But you can return to your everyday life. The minimal swelling will reduce on its own. The recovery time of this treatment is twenty-four hours in general. However, if you had deep treatment, then it can take up to three to four days maximum.


Aftercare Of The Treatment

You should not touch or put anything on your face for at least half a day after the treatment. As for skin care, you have to use gentle cleansers on your skin to avoid irritating skin. You can follow it up with a moisturizer or even a healing ointment. And if you are planning to step outside, you have to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Additionally, you can apply makeup after two days of getting your treatment done.


Note: After the treatment, you must ask the professional for your specific aftercare skin routine.



Morpheus8 treatment is perfect if you wish to instantly get youthful, wrinkle-free, and radiant-looking skin. This treatment will offer you perfectly contoured skin results. If you are on the lookout for morpheus8 treatment in Miami, then go and check Apprize Beauty.


At Apprize, we offer the best skin care treatments using the latest technology and modern medicine. With our regenerative treatments, you will be able to see visible results in your skin’s texture and appearance. You can book an appointment in our South Beach or Acqualina Spa location. For bookings, you can contact us at (305) 851-2132 or e-mail us at 

Frequently asked questions

Morpheus8 treatment is a skin tightening and wrinkle-reducing treatment. It fights the signs of aging along with acne scars and uneven skin complexion. The results of Morpheus8 treatment can last from anywhere near a year to your whole life. It all depends on your body’s functions and how well it reacts to the treatment.

After the very first session, you will be able to see changes in your skin. It can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, or fewer acne scars. The results depend on your main goal for the treatment. And your goal also influences the number of sessions you will require to achieve the desired results.

The cost of the treatment is based on what part and size of the body you are getting this treatment for. However, the average cost of Morpheus8 is around $900-$1200 per session.

The best time to get this treatment done is in your early thirties to mid-fifties. Or you can also get this treatment if you have acne scars and want to reduce their appearance. You can further get this treatment if you have uneven skin due to large pores or scarring.

If you are looking to get the best and most-effective treatment for sun damage, loose skin, acne scars, and wrinkles, then Apprize Beauty is perfect for you. At our facilities, you can get this revolutionary treatment done with the use of the latest technology.

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