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What Is Stem Cell Hair Treatment: Its Benefits, Success Rate, & Cost

Today, many people suffer from hair loss or baldness, possibly due to various reasons that can make anyone feel conscious. We all know that good hair makes you look beautiful and increases your confidence. Everyone wants to look perfect always, from top to toe, including their hair. But when you suffer from excess hair loss, it makes your hair look thin and weak. At the same time, you also start to lose your confidence.

Due to severe hair loss, you may start trying many chemical-based hair care products, which may lead to more hair damage. You can try stem cell hair treatment to avoid all the hassles of going through different types of products to help your hair grow or stop it from falling. The treatment is perfect for helping you lower your hair loss problems and safely increase your hair density without causing any side effects. To know more about it, let’s go ahead. 


What Is A Stem Cell?

Stem cells are special human cells that are capable of growing into various types of cells. They help develop new cells and repair damaged cells in the body. These cells break up and turn into a new kind of cell or can decide to stay as stem cells. Furthermore, they can help repair a few specific tissues by splitting themselves and replacing all the damaged tissue in the body with new ones. It means that stem cells are responsible for the growth of certain cells that your body does not develop by itself, such as cardiac cells, nerve cells, etc.


What Are The Possible Uses Of Stem Cells?

Stem cells can become many other cells that help treat different issues or diseases. These may be used for various reasons, such as- 


  • Repair damaged tissues or organs by growing new cells. 
  • Treat the part of the organ that does not function properly. 
  • Test new medicines for effectiveness and safety. 
  • To research how cancer cells develop or any disease occurs. 

There are many uses for stem cells which include the following- 


  • Tissue regeneration 
  • Brain disease treatment
  • Cardiovascular disease treatment
  • Blood disease treatment
  • Cell deficiency therapy 

Some studies show that stem cells help re-growth old or damaged cells in the body. In addition, it helps experts use these cells to restore lost hair, allowing the growth of new, shiny, and voluminous hair in the area with hair loss.


How Can Stem Cell Treatment Help With Hair Loss?

Hair fall is a very common problem today, and the reasons behind this problem are many. This problem may result from hormonal changes, heredity, drugs, poor diet, aging, or any other medical conditions. The problem is not limited to older people only. Any individual at any age can face this problem. Hair loss also happens irrespective of gender.


However, the best thing is that you can restore your lost hair. One of the expert-recommended ways to fix the problem is by going for a stem cell hair treatment. In this process, the skin sample is removed from the area where the follicles are present. After that, the sample is again reproduced and placed in the areas where you have lost your hair. It helps the hair grow again in the areas where your hair is absent or thinned.


If you are suffering from a hair loss problem, you can take the help of an expert. Various skin and hair treatment centers provide stem cell treatment for hair loss. However, if you want to try this treatment, always ensure that you are choosing an expert for the job.


Process Involved In Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment

The stem cell treatment for hair is an effective and painless method to treat hair fall or thinning issues. The process allows you to experience little to no pain. The removal of stem cells, as well as the implantation of hair, are also somewhat painless. An expert goes through the below steps to perform stem cell treatment for hair loss.


  • First, a sample of fat or blood is taken out. (usually from the back of the head). 
  • Then, the stem cells are isolated from the sample. 
  • After that, the duplication of hair follicles is processed in the laboratory in order to create more follicles. 
  • The existing hair follicles have been injected with stem cells to prompt re-growth.
  • Lastly, the new follicles with stem cells are inserted in parts with hair loss to allow restoration of lost hair. 

What Types Of Hair Loss Problems Are Treated With Stem Cell Treatment?

Individuals suffering from nearly all types of alopecia and hair loss issues can undergo stem cell treatment. The treatment is perfect for reducing the appearance of no hair patches and lost hairline on the scalp. It is perfectly suitable for people facing hair fall issues on a medium to a high level. The treatment uses a non-invasive approach. Thus, it has no major side effects on your body. So, if you are an individual who is facing hair fall or hair loss problems, then you can go for stem cell treatment at any age.


Individuals facing severe hair loss due to hormonal reasons, alopecia areata, or even female/male pattern baldness are the perfect candidates for this treatment. However, if you have problems like Alopecia Universalis or Alopecia Totalis will have to consult a doctor before going through the treatment. This is because individuals who do not have hair on their scalps do not have sufficient hair follicles that an expert can use to create new cells.


Benefits of Stem Cell Hair Treatment

There are various benefits of stem cell treatment for hair loss. Let’s see how this hair treatment method is better than a hair transplant.


Simple And Pain-Free

Hair transplants are usually painful as it involves the complete replacement of damaged follicles with new hair and skin. The treatment includes the process of surgery, which may also cause some side effects. The result may be severe when the process cannot regrow the hair and fails.


On the other hand, stem cell treatment does not involve surgery. It does not include any painful steps and is a safer treatment option than a hair transplant. This method requires removing samples instead of the complete hair follicles. During the entire process, there is no need for scalpels; the doctor only uses an injection to remove the follicle.


Allows Fast Recovery

A hair transplant involves surgery and hence requires some time to recover. It can take the patient nearly a week or more to recover after the treatment. On the other hand, patients who have undergone stem cell treatment for hair may require about two days to recover and seven days to get fully healed.


Stem Cells Can Be Taken From Any Place

Stem cells are capable of growing into many other different cells. They are versatile and unique from many other cells in the body. It is the reason doctors use them in various tissue repair processes and surgical methods. The doctor use stem cells removed from hair follicles for the treatment. But these may also be taken out from other parts of the body. The experts may use stem cells from different areas, such as body fat, blood, and skin.


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Who Is The Perfect Candidate For Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cell treatment is less invasive and can help you grow new hair and stop them from falling. And the treatment is ideal for both men and women to improve the volume and thickness of hair. This treatment is suitable for people who have hair on their scalp. However, if you have no hair on your scalp, then you may have to consult with the doctor first. The expert can assist you by telling you how the treatment works and if this is the ideal treatment for your condition. For instance, these are the types of hair problems that stem cell therapy can help solve:


  • It can help you regenerate your natural hair follicles
  • Increases the volume and density along your natural hairline
  • It is ideal for dealing with female and male pattern baldness issues
  • You will see long-term hair growth results with this treatment method 
  • It will add volume to your hair, especially in the areas with thinning hair

Recovery And Side Effects Of Stem Cell Treatment For Hair

You may experience little pain when undergoing this hair loss treatment. But that eases up within a week after the treatment. Unlike the hair transplant procedure, you do not require any time for recovery in this treatment method. You may expect some scar from where the tissue has been taken out. After the treatment, you should avoid excessive exercise for a week. Also, try and avoid driving yourself home after the procedure, as the effects of anesthesia will remain even after the completion of the process.


Stem cell treatment is a completely new technique, and one must know its side effects. Very less information is available about the side effects of stem cell treatment for hair. But, infection or bleeding may be possible from where the sample has been taken. Side effects may also occur because of the use of injection. The possibility of getting scars is also possible. The risk of artery or nerve damage is also because of the punch biopsy that occurs below the area where the cell sample has been removed.


Stem Cell Hair Treatment Before and After (Success Rate)

This treatment allows the re-growth of the lost hair providing natural-looking hair. The new follicles of the hair are carefully implanted in the areas with hair loss. It further helps reduce the female or male hair loss pattern. The complete hair growth process may require multiple treatment sessions. For example, you may have to undergo 6-10 sessions after every 3-4 weeks. The sessions depend on one’s hair loss type and its extent.



The above picture shows the before and after treatment results. A patient has undergone only one session and has experienced 60% hair growth after four months of the session.




Some patients have experienced 70% hair growth in the crown area only after four months of the first session.


This hair treatment shows promising results in treating hair loss problems. One crucial thing to note is that the hair treatment result may vary from person to person. Some patients experience good results only after the first sessions, while others may have to go undergo more sessions to see effective results. Some studies also show that people have experienced a 29% increase in hair denseness twenty-three weeks after the last session.


Stem Cell Hair Treatment Cost

The research on stem cell treatment for hair is still going on, and the FDA still needs to approve it. But, you must remember that the final cost of the hair treatment depends on several aspects, such as the type of hair loss, the extent of treatment, the number of cells administered, etc. That is why the cost of treatment greatly varies. But, most doctors usually provide services from $3000 to $10000.


Also, you may not get the desired results in one treatment and may have to undergo 2 to 6 treatments. So, it would be best to talk with an expert about the entire procedure involved in the treatment, the number of treatments required to treat your hair loss extent, etc. This information lets you know the approximate cost you may require to pay for your stem cell treatment.


Best Stem Cell Hair Treatment Miami: Apprize Beauty

Stem cell treatment is the future of hair restoration. This procedure is perfect if you are suffering from hair fall or thinning issues. The treatment can help with your hair problems and give you a boost of confidence. Apprize Beauty is one of Miami’s leading and well-known places to get complete skin and hair treatments. Our experts use modern techniques and the latest technology to provide the best treatment to patients. We help both men and women restore their hair to its natural glory and reduce hair loss patterns.


Our team of expert physicians and aestheticians provides customized solutions to problems. They ensure the highest quality and safety standards while performing the treatment process. We understand that each person’s problem is unique, and we help provide the best treatment that suits them. Our center also provides many other treatments, such as stem cell facelifts, PRP, Morpheus treatment, facial filler, chemical peel skin treatment, etc. To book our appointment, call (305) 851-2132 or email

Frequently asked questions

Stem cell treatment for hair removes old hair follicles and inserts new follicles with stem cells. In this process, doctors remove the stem cells from any place and implant them in the bald areas of the scalp. These new cells then prompt the growth of new hair. 

The best way to know whether you require stem cell treatment for hair is to consult a specialist. They carefully check the problem and let you know if you need stem cell treatment for growth or not. A doctor must only provide this kind of treatment if other treatments do not work. 

Of course, according to Italian researchers, stem cell treatment for hair works, and the success rate is a rise in hair density by 29% after 23 weeks of the final session. If you want this treatment, you must consult an expert, whether you need it or not.

The stem cell treatment for hair has been available since 2020. Today, various beauty treatment centers provide solutions to hair and skin problems. 

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